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I stayed up almost all night praying and preparing for the recording of this project. At that time of the year, the weather was very cold. When I looked outside through the windows of my hotel room in Detroit, MI around 4am, the roads looked wet and foggy; the leaves that hanged on the trees were clothed with dew. There was nothing extraordinary about this scene except for one thing that stood out to me: a lonely cat walking slowly on the wet road. The cat looked very cold, sick and neglected; it looked as if it had either lost its way or was slowly making its way to its abode or owner.

I thought to myself, “this scene looks just like the world in which we live.”

The picture of the lonely cat walking at that time of the morning in that weather reminded me of the many people in the world who are lost, in need of a shepherd or a land desperately in need of healing.

The deep emotions from this scenario accompanied me to the studio later on that morning to record this impactful prayer music, hence the name: HEAL THE LAND.

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My Heart To God Vol I MP3 - Download ONLY

Vincent Kpodo

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